Online slot games are one of the most exciting casino game models for us to play. Here is how you can get started with MI online casinos.

  1. Register and Fill in Account Balance

The first method you must do to start the game is to register and create an online slot account that you can use.  Not only registering, but you also have to fill in your balance and enter the funds into your account.

Because you can make a batch using the account and the playing capital money when you play in the future.  The steps to register and fill in the deposit in your account are very easy, here below are some of the steps and sessions:

  • Select the online slot site to use
  • Click in the list menu
  • Complete the registration form
  • Click send
  • Verify your online slot account
  • Log in with the account that has been created
  • Then click on the deposit menu
  • Please fill in your account deposit there

MI online casinos

Understand the Terms of Online Slots

After you have an account and it contains the capital you have.  Then you have to understand the terms used in online slot games. Because without studying this, you will be in a lot of trouble when playing in the future.

 In online slot games, there are terms used to play them.  If you don’t realize it then it’s very difficult for you to start playing and placing bets.  There are several kinds of terms used in the game, one of which is:

  • Bet: is the term for the value of the bet used in online slot games
  • Pay line: as a line in a slot game and has several types of icons and numbers, you must place a bet on the line that you can play with.
  • Progressive jackpot: as an unexpected win with such a high value
  • Scatter: is a winning term that goes out of line
  • 3 reel or 5reelsl: is a scheme on a slot machine that shows the number of reels
  • Auto spin/autoplay: as a menu used to start the game
  • Free spins: bonus terms that you find for doing spins do not need to spend money